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Purpose: To experience real life situations in the workplace; and to be able to come in contact with the latest technological advancements in the business world, health related fields, our complex legal system, areas of communications, management science, computer technology, and other related fields that students have an interest in exploring. One of the main functions of the internships is to place the students in the business and professional community to build a stronger partnership between the schools and our community, while at the same time giving our students an experience that will help them make valuable decisions about their future.

Selection Process: Seniors who have sufficient credits needed for graduation and have achieved a good attendance and citizenship record.

Acceptance into the program is contingent upon:

• Approval of application by a guidance counselor, job developer, and principal
• Satisfactory interview with the job developer
• Satisfactory interview and acceptance by the community sponsor
• Written permission from the intern’s parents/guardians
• Signing an “agreement of responsibility” form
• Completion of an insurance statement

Credits will be determined by the number of hours the student participates.

  1. Animal Outreach
  2. Avalon Links Restaurant
  3. Cape Harbor Marine
  4. Cape May Contractors
  5. Cape May County Animal Shelter
  6. Cape May County Park & Zoo
  7. Cape May Fitness Center
  8. Cape Regional Medical Center Auxiliary Early Education Center
  9. Cape Regional Medical Center
  10. Cape Regional Physicians Associates
  11. Cape Resorts Group
  12. Cape Winds Florist
  13. Carl T. Mitnick School
  14. Center for Community Arts 
  15. Coast Guard
  16. Cold Spring Village
  17. Coldwell Banker
  18. Dr. Tinney, DDS
  19. East Lynne Theatre Company
  20. Eckel's Diesel
  21. Family Success Center
  22. Family Promise
  23. Grand of Cape May
  24. Grange Restaurant
  25. J Byrne Agency
  26. Lower Cape May Regional Athletic Department
  27. Lower Cape May Regional Culinary Department
  28. Lower Cape May Regional French Department
  29. Lower Cape May Regional Math Department
  30. Lower Cape May Regional Video Department
  31. Lucky Bones
  32. Maud Abrams School
  33. Memorial School
  34. Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities
  35. Naval Air Station
  36. Rainbow International
  37. Sandman School
  38. Simple Eats
  39. Sunset Auto Repair
  40. Victoria Manor
  41. Volunteers in Medicine
  42. Wetlands Institute





Structured Learning Experience
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